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Resources & Education

On this page you will find helpful resources and educational materials. We try to stay up to date with current information, and we strive to educate the public on the GSD breed and how to properly care for them to prevent rehoming situations. We also provide information on nutrition, exercise, heredity medical conditions, referrals, education, training tips and other services, as well as educating the public regarding animal welfare.

Vaccine Info

Vaccinations are extremely important in the health and safety of your new family member! Some vaccinations are legally required. See the AKC's Vaccination Schedule to the right. Although we feel all vaccinations should be administered, we know if can be costly. Talk to your vet and see how they can help. Did you know Bordetella is the main cause of Kennel Cough, which can turn into pneumonia and other serious medical conditions, easily preventable by vaccinating your dog. For more information, click visit the AKC webpage or talk with your vet. 

Drug and Syringe

German Shepherd Colors

Although most associate the black and tan coloring to the German Shepherd breed, GSDs actually come in a variety of colors and patterns. There are 11 color and marking types acknowledged by the AKC, and 12 total acknowledged by the GSD community. For more information visit the AKC Website here.

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German Shepherd Line Types

There are 5 types of German Shepherd: West-German Working Line, East-German DDR Working Line, Czech Working Line, American Show Line, and European Show Line. For more information visit the University of Chicago site here.

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